For immediate release: March 13, 2012

(BOSTON) – Representative Mark J. Cusack’s bill concerning the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s’ advertising practices was heard yesterday in front of the Joint Committee on Transportation.

Currently, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority argues that they do not need to comply with local ordinances in many different areas including billboards.  Cusack’s bill would mandate that the MBTA receive local approval from cities and towns prior to placing above ground advertisements in their communities.

“I understand the need for the MBTA to raise revenue, which is why this legislation does not prevent them from having any billboards erected along the red line.  It simply states that if they wish to do so it must be in full compliance with the local ordinances of Braintree or any community in the Commonwealth,” said Representative Cusack.

“We have worked hard to preserve and enhance our quality of life here in Braintree.  Neither the MBTA nor any state agency should be able to come into our town, trump our laws and negatively impact us against our will.”

Cusack is hopeful for a favorable report of the committee and hopes to have the bill enacted before the end of this legislative session.