For immediate release: May 29, 2019

(BOSTON) — State Representative Mark J. Cusack joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives to approve legislation that includes a $200 million bond authorization for Chapter 90 funding to help municipalities complete road, bridge and infrastructure improvement projects.

The town of Braintree is slated to receive almost $1 million dollars directed to infrastructure improvements, along with an additional funding $4,739,617.20 specifically for highway lighting improvements along the Route 93/Route 3 interchange.

“I am proud to secure nearly $1 million which will fund a significant portion of our road projects once again this construction season in Braintree,” said Representative Cusack.  “The road paving and additional construction funding that Braintree will receive is crucial in improving safe travel throughout our town.”

“Lighting issues have been a major public safety issue throughout the Braintree Split area.  While the Department of Transportation has been trying to maintain the old lights, I am very happy that $4.7 million will be appropriated to fix this issue going forward,” added Representative Cusack.  “The improvements to the lighting infrastructure of the Route 93/Route 3 interchange are pivotal to the safety of everyone using those highways, as Braintree is a center of transportation in the south shore.”

Under this legislation, the town of Braintree is officially going to receive a total of $994,713 in Chapter 90 funding.